Last tune for Niko at Holy Trinity Cathedral

June 04, 2018
Funeral director Tommy 'Bright Light' Thompson shows pall-bearers where to carry the coffin of the late Niko Chromatic.
A musical tribute to Niko Chormatic being delivered at his funeral.
Some of the members of the entertainment fraternity who turned out for Niko Chromatic's funeral at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston, on Saturday.
Annece Williams (left), who read the eulogy.
A colage showing stages in Niko Chromatic's life.
Selector Wessy Wessy, formerly of Swatch International.
Dancer Rene Six Thirty in a sombre mood.
Anthony Minott Freelance Photographer Chi Ching Ching showing his last respects as Niko Chromatic's body lies in the hearse.
Chris of Portmore Soceity (right) tries to comfort Kimberly Mais, babymother of the late Niko Chromatic, at the selector's funeral last Saturday.
Pall-bearers carry the casket of Niko Chromatic at his funeral, held at Holy Trinity Cathedral, North Street, Kingston, on Saturday.
Niko Chromatic's son, Khaleel 'Neyo' Grant (centre) with his mother, Carlene Hibbert.
Niko Chromatic's babymother, Kimberly Mais (left), consoles her daughter, Nika Grant.


In life, 33-year-old Nicholas Grant, also known as selector Niko Chromatic, played music in front of large crowds. But on Saturday, when family and friends bade farewell to the musical craftsman, it was more of a private setting at Holy Trinity Cathedral, North Street, Kingston.

"Niko Chromatic was a good youth, enuh. I expected a bigger turnout, and some persons I thought I would see were absent from proceedings,' said selector Wessey Wessey, formerly of the Swatch International sound system. "Nonetheless, I'm grateful for the 'strength' people gave him. He will be missed, trust me." A number of people from the entertainment fraternity were present, including media personality Milk, ZJ Liquid, Chi Ching Ching, Ding Dong and Bugle.

Niko rose to fame playing the Chromatic sound system at the highly successful Chug It monthly parties that regularly pulled in over 10,000 patrons at Sugarman Beach, Portmore.

Close family friend Annece Williams read the eulogy. According to Williams, although Niko was sick with kidney disease, he was hopeful that one day he would return to good health. "He had plans to host an event for his fans called The Return of Niko Chromatic," she said. She encouraged the congregation to remember Niko as "this kind, hardworking, humble, generous, ambitious brother, father and friend".

Kimberly Mais, mother of one of Niko's children, was overwhelmed by the occasion and didn't wish to speak to the media. Niko's firstborn, Khaleel Nicholas Grant, was in attendance with his mother, Carlene Hibbert.

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