Laa Lee feels heat for 'Cornflakes' song - Artiste insists he did nothing wrong

June 08, 2018
Contributed Laa Lee Ranks
Laa Lee Ranks

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Laa Lee Ranks has been enjoying his time in the spotlight as his super catchy song 'Watz On Sale' (Cornflakes) continues to gain traction on the local entertainment scene. The deejay has been making the rounds on the music scene with guest appearances at events becoming more and more frequent.

Last week, the artiste was invited to the Windward Road Primary and Junior High School in Kingston, where he performed the popular track to an audience of excited children. Singing along to the clean version of the song, the children were engrossed in Laa Lee's performance, while teachers watched from the sidelines.

The entertainer posted a video of his performance at the school, and while the majority of users congratulated the singer on getting his big break, there were a few who found the performance inappropriate given the nature of the song.

Some users lashed out at the artiste for daring to perform the song to children, even in its cleanest form. They blasted Laa Lee for failing to see how much of a role model he has become since gaining his big break and encouraged him to refrain from performing the song in schools.

The video has since been removed from the entertainer's page.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted him, Laa Lee acknowledged how some persons may have found the video inappropriate. He explained that he never intended the song to be as big as it is, and said that he made sure that he performed the clean version for the students.




"My song at the time was not built with the intention of getting public attention. The people of my country decided on this becoming the success that it is. The radio version hosts clean lyrics and the raw version hosts innuendos with parental advisory," he said.

"It is not my responsibility to filter what people sing or do. I perform according to my audience, and I'm careful. I respect women and children. These kids did not hear or learn this song in my house. A lot of questions need to be asked, but to who? Not me."

In light of Laa Lee's statement, THE WEEKEND STAR sought to seek answers elsewhere, but we were unsuccessful. In our attempts to gain answers to the questions Laa Lee said should to be asked, our news team contacted the principal of the Windward Road Primary and Junior High School, Noel Pennant. Pennant refused to give a statement on the matter, stating that he has to discuss the issue with higher authorities before commenting.

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