Equipment bawls 'Stop Pressure Me Nuh'

June 12, 2018

Dancehall artiste Equipment knows what it is like to live under the whip of a 'dutty landlord' while wrestling with the twin tigers of high bills and low wages. He was so inspired by the pressures that he wrote a song called Stop Pressure Me Nuh.

"Trust me, it's hard - the light bill, the water bills. So, the song was inspired by the pressures of life. I couldn't find the rent for a month, and my landlord was pressuring me, so I decided to put pen to paper and express my feelings," Equipment said.

The song, which was produced by Lance 'Boko' B Wallace of the UK-based label Control Tower Squad, is making waves locally.

"I did a viral video which we put on Facebook. It has got over 500,000 views in four weeks on FB with a lot of comments. It a damage the streets from yard to abroad. I believe this song is a big tune," Equipment said.

Equipment, who is known for using strong metaphors and solid hooks in his songs, is steadily building a reputation for himself as an artiste to watch.

"I have been getting great feedback with people texting me and asking me when is the official video, but I am working on the official release and then after that, the video is next," he said.

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