STAR of the Month: Shane O doesn't envy prime minister

June 13, 2018
STAR of the Month Shane O
Prime Minister Andrew Holness

STAR of the month Shane O says if he wasn't doing music professionally, he would perhaps be an artist as he enjoys drawing and is quite good at it.

However, during his STAR of the Month interview recently, the artiste was asked what he would do if he was given the opportunity to be prime minister (PM) for a day.

Admitting that the prime minister's job is perhaps one of the hardest in the country right now, the artiste said he doesn't envy Andrew Holness or the Minister of National Security as they both have much on their plates, particularly as it relates to crime.

Pointing out that the country's biggest problem is crime, Shane O said he would probably tackle that monster but was at a loss when asked how.




"The gun thing, the crime and violence, it bad bredda. People just a drop so, four and five people one time. Me even fraid pan the road bredda. The road dem nuh too good Jah Jah," he said. "If me did have the power coulda stop it, me woulda do it, but me can't. I don't even know the first thing me woulda do, but me woulda love if me coulda help lessen crime."

Shane O expressed that there was once a time in Jamaica where crime was limited to certain areas but pointed out that these days, the monster has been rearing its head in places people once thought were safe.

He said that not even artistes are safe from the onslaught of criminals anymore and the latter makes even him scared sometimes.

Perhaps Shane O couldn't come up with an active crime plan if he were the PM because the deejay admitted to not seeing himself as anything other than an artiste.

The entertainer revealed that he has never worked a 'nine to five' job in his life because he knew he had to be an artiste and spent all his time ensuring it happened.

"Me never go a work from the day me born. All when nothing nah gwaan as an artiste, me still nuh look nuh work, me just gwaan hold it. A just music me see mi self a do. Right now, me just a wait pan di pardna draw," he said.

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