Versatile stays far from fake friends

June 13, 2018
Dancehall artiste Versatile

Recording artiste Versatile is warning persons against fake friends in his latest single, '3 Card Man'.

Speaking with THE STAR, Versatile said that he was inspired to pen the song because of his own encounters with disingenuous people.

So far, he said that the track has been receiving a lot of support.

"The feedback and the response I've been getting is good. Me phone a buzz off about this song. Basically, is like people see wah me go through because dem a go through it too, so dem love the song," said Versatile, who is known for other songs like Nah Be Ungrateful and Friend Til The End.

"It's one of those songs that people can relate to. It's about fake friends, pretenders, tricksters, who appear to be the best people when they are actually the worst. Just like the three card man, these fake friends are tricksters. Dem gwaan like dem mean yuh good, but they don't. They smile with you, but behind your back they tear you down."

Versatile said that since the song's release, speculations have been rife about who the track is aimed at. However, preferring to keep the vibe around the song positive as a form of encouragement to those dealing with 'fake friends', Versatile said that he is not feeding into those speculations.

"People nah blind to wah gwaan. Me used to par wid certain artistes and right now me just a do me thing, me nah par wid nobody. People think the song is aimed at a specific person or persons, but me nah call nuh name. Is just a real song talking about a real issue," he told THE STAR.

The song was produced by Hempton Music and was released about a month ago.

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