STAR of the Month: Shane O anticipates return to Sumfest stage

June 19, 2018
STAR of the Month Shane O (left) takes a selfie with his manager, Heavy D (centre), and music promoter Feel Good Boss.
Part of the audience on a main stage night of Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Having endured a lull period in his career and having shown resilience in his form back to the fore as one of the hottest dancehall artiste, STAR of the month Shane O is eager about Sumfest 2018.

Dubbed the 'Greatest reggae show on Earth', Shane O is about to return to the Sumfest stage after a long hiatus.

He told THE STAR recently that this will be his third time performing at the festival, which is known to catapult artistes who deliver outstanding performances to another level.

He said: "You see da Sumfest thing ya now, is a great feeling fi show yuh say the work a show. A di third one this, mi go before and then when me and (veteran promoter) Heavy D dem start link dem bring me, and now this."

During his absence from the Sumfest stage, whenever promotions for the show begins annually, Shane O said he has been asked repeatedly by fans and members of the local public why he is not billed to perform.




He told THE STAR: "Some people, when Sumfest time come round, dem always a say 'How yuh nuh deh pon Sumfest', and mi just look pan dem and say it a keep next year. A every year it keep, enuh. If mi nuh catch it da year ya or da year deh, mi must catch it."

The artiste also drew contrast to the recent acquisition of Canadian work permits for him and his team, after what appears to have been unsuccessful attempts.

"Look how much time da one ya (music promoter Feel Good Boss) go for his visa and nuh get it. See it deh now, him get it," Shane O said jokingly.

Shane O also sought to advise aspiring artistes, who are looking for a breakthrough to perhaps one day earn a spot on Reggae Sumfest's line-up.

He said: "Don't give up, just try. If yuh a sing one set of songs and yuh see it nah work, just try something else. Jus try find a style cause nuff artiste yuh see ya now weh have song a style dem have."

Reggae Sumfest kicks off on July 15 and runs through to July 21. Shane O is scheduled to perform on Friday, July 20.

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