STAR of the Month: Shenseea expanding her fashion repertoire - .But artiste has specific love for shoes

July 09, 2018
STAR of the Month Shenseea


Shenseea has never been a fan of dresses but for her fans, she said she would put away her tomboy look if only for a day and allow them to see her girlie side.

The STAR of the Month said that she thinks she only has 10 dresses in her closet because she is more of a jeans and shorts person as that style of dressing allows her to move more freely.

However, she revealed that she has always been weak to shoes. Heels and sneakers have taken up most of her closet space.

Unable to tell how many pairs of shoes she has, she said that no matter how many pairs she already has, she will buy more.

Sneakers are her favourite and even though she has various styles and colours, she is always biased to the white ones.

As a little girl, she always wanted a pair of Air Jordan, but at the time her mother was unable to buy her a pair.

The Loodi artiste said that she does not have a stylist because she dresses herself based on what she likes.

She said that often when she enters a store, she buys anything that is appealing to her.

"My per diem that I get from my shows cannot buy the shoes that I want so a mi bank book mi go inna for it. Sometime I would spend US$1,500 or sometimes less than a US$1,000 but it's always over US$500. I don't spend US$500 on one pair of shoes unless it's a Steve Madden or Louis Vuittion" she said.

She believes that even though she would like to be in jeans all the time, she is now a public figure and needs to take her fans into consideration.

If it was up to her, she would always be in white but now she is mix and matching her attire to suit her new taste in fashion.

"Being a public figure right now it's not only about you, you have to cater to your supporters and I am not just strictly a tomboy. I can't show just that side of me every single time. I do have days that I want to dress up and look nice fi tek picture inna the heels," she said laughing.

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