'NOT MY BUSINESS' ... D'Angel stays away from Beenie's baby news

July 10, 2018
Shorn Hector/Photographer D'Angel Performing at the Grace Hamilton's Women's Empowerment Foundation Launch
Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man are expecting their first child.

Since Beenie Man and his partner Krystal Tomlinson announced yesterday that they were expecting their first child together, the public has been keen on finding out how the 'First Lady of Dancehall', Beenie Man's former flame, D'Angel, feels about the news.

But the One Man singer says that is none of her business.

"My publicist has been receiving several requests for interviews to discuss my personal life and views regarding his relationship. I have decided to decline these interviews. I will not be accepting any interviews going forward unless these interviews are solely about my career as an entrepreneur, model and overall entertainer," D'Angel said.

Beenie Man and D'Angel share a son, Marco Dean, 11. The dancehall couple, who got married in 2006, have since divorced.

D'Angel, the I'm Blessed singer, said that she understands the public's interest in her sentiments on the baby news but says she has no interest in speaking on the subject. She said that now that the divorce is a done deal, she is now solely focused on her career and being the best mother she can be.

"I am focused on rebranding and capitalising on several offers relating to fashion and music that have been made in recent times. I released the video for I'm Blessed, and the response has been overwhelming," she said pointing out that she will continue to empower and uplift women through her music.


"Songs such as No Worries, Break Free, Stronger and now I'm Blessed all have made an impact on the lives of women who have been through trying times. There are women all over the world that send me fan mail expressing the impact this song has had on them, so my journey to help create change has started and will continue," D'Angel said.

In her regular Good Gas Mondays motivational feed on Instagram Live yesterday, Krystal took the time to say thanks to all those who have reached out to share in her joy. As she spoke, the comments section was flooded with congratulatory messages from Instagram users excited about the media personality's baby news. However, many unflattering comments have been made about her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Beenie Man reportedly cried tears of joy when he learnt that he and Krystal were expecting their first child together.

"[I'm] excited! Still excited. A few days after she showed me the ultrasound, I cried and said, 'Thank you. Thank you for this blessing, Babe.' These days when I say 'Good morning' and Krystal reply, I have to remind her that is the baby I'm talking to because they need to know my voice. Honestly, it has been five months and I still don't finish reacting yet," Beenie Man told The Gleaner's Flair Magazine.

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