Jukebox carries dad's spirit

July 13, 2018

Victor Richards, better known as 'Jukebox', has an interesting reason behind his decision to enter the 2018 Jamaica Festival Song Competition.

"Well, you know, it was a dream of my father Roy Richards," he said. "He 'dreamt me' and told me not to put down this music thing; he said to keep on pushing," he said.

It was this supernatural interaction with his late father that spurred him to pen and submit his entry, Jamaica Wi Rich.

Jukebox said he invites his father's spirit to join him on the road-shows to sing and dance with him as he reaches out to the Jamaican people, and hopes to be crowned champion.

Jukebox used to accompany his father to the then Sheraton Hotel in Ocho Rios, where he watched as he played the mouth organ for music lovers of different races and origins.

So skilful was his father's display that the crowd was in awe, throwing money at him and praising his performance. Jukebox's father then called him on stage.

Jukebox did songs from the great Gregory Isaacs, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown; his passion for performing was solidified.

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