Yaksta makes 'Boogie Woogie' moves

July 21, 2018

There's a song called 'Boogie Woogie' that has been making the rounds on FM radio. The ska-infused track is performed by dancehall-reggae artiste Yaksta.

Released by Future Sound of Reggae/Dubshot Records/Brand New Machine, the song has a feel-good vibe and an instantly addictive beat.

The St Mary-based Yaksta explained that the song was inspired by an old guitar.

"I was tired of the same clichÈ of typical music and the lack of fun in sounds. One day, I found an old guitar after the flood rains in St Mary and kept playing with it for a while. After a few months, while walking to the beach listening some stems of an instrumental, it reminded me of the sounds I got from playing with the guitar. Everything that I saw that day, I put into writing, and from that come Boogie Woogie," Yaksta said.

The song was produced by WussMusikk, a label jointly owned by Yaksta and his manager, Sanjay Negus.

Yaksta performed the song at the recent coronation ceremony of the Miss Universe Jamaica East pageant. He has also been doing the media rounds promoting the song.

"The love for this masterpiece is overwhelming. Folks worldwide have been using it as an anthem for the last few months, and it is still getting bigger day by day. Feedback on social media has also been overwhelming," he said.

Born Kemaul Martin, Yaksta experienced hardships and financial problems while growing up. Music had been his escape route where he found solace in writing songs. After working in the hospitality sector at Bamboo Beach Club, Jamaica Grande Hotel and Riu in Montego Bay, Yaksta decided that music was his true calling.

He released the song Home last year, which racked up more than one million views on Facebook in less than six months.

"My musical journey has had its ups and downs. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But memories of the hard work that has been put into place for glory just keeps fuelling the empty tank that is filled with doubts. But it's a journey filled with life experiences that is not worth forfeiting at this moment. It's a collage of wisdom," said Yaksta, who has been doing music professionally since 2016.

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