Weh Dem Up To?: Tony Frass beats death - Hopes to make comeback as Tony Joi

July 27, 2018
Tony Frass
Tony Frass

Up-and-coming artiste Tony Frass has been trying to break into the mainstream music industry for a number of years.

He made some amount of progress with songs such as Joyful Noise and Work Fi Di Breakfast, but he is yet to get that 'big buss'.

The reggae artiste, who recently changed his name, is hoping to relaunch his career with a whole new perspective as 'Tony Joi'.

Speaking with The WEEKEND STAR, Tony said he felt the name change was necessary as he doesn't believe the definition of the word 'frass' in the Jamaican dialect suits the type of music he has been putting out and will continue putting out.

"'Frass' these days nuh mean nothing good. When the yute dem a say dem frass, a some crazy things a go through dem mind, or it associated with some negativity, and I am not about that, and my music is not about that. I'm all about positivity and good," he said. "I have a joy about me, and there is a joy in music, so joy is better as a name. There is nothing frass about me or my music."

Tony Joi, who was at the cusp of getting his big break in 2014 when he performed at Rebel Salute, said he suffered a major setback shortly after his appearance on the show as he fell ill and was brought almost to the point of death.

"Immediately after Rebel Salute, I got really sick. I was in the hospital for like two months, and I was on the life machine for another month. I did maybe about four surgeries because of the illness, and there was just a lot happening," he explained. "The whole ordeal was just a really big setback for me because my 'buss' was in the making. I had to be in and out of the hospital, and music had to take a back burner. However, I'm feeling much better now, and I'm ready to work on my music and my big break again."

The Clarendon native explained that he has been working tirelessly in the studio lately. He said he has a few songs to drop in short order that will not only reintroduce him to the music scene, but will tell his story and encourage people who have gone through similar adversities to try again.

"I want my story and what I have been through to encourage people to keep trying as long as they have life. I will be sharing my story with the people through my music," he said. "I will keep things positive as always and just make people happy. I'm super ready right now for the music business again. When you coming from 50/50 live or die and you live, you just know you have a fresh start and want to make the most of it. I plan to make the most of my fresh start."

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