STAR of the Month: Shenseea gives make-up tutorial

July 30, 2018
Shenseea applies her lip-gloss as she puts the finishing touches on her look.
STAR of the Month Shenseea shows off her finished look.
Shenseea uses her foundation blending sponge to apply her blush while her setting powder dries.
Shenseea examines her face in the mirror as she perfected her look during the tutorial.

Dancehall starlet Shenseea describes herself as a natural beauty. She thanks God for blessing her with amazingly flawless skin and said there is hardly ever any need for her to use make-up.

The Body Good singer took the STAR team through her 'quick and easy' make-up routine for one of her final features as July's STAR of the Month.

Shenseea said she only uses make-up when she has a show or the occasional girls' night out with friends.

Shenseea declared that her interest in make-up started with her love for art.

"I used to paint and draw a lot and I loved colours, so that probably had something to do with it. I also like to see my face looking really nice, especially when I'm going out, so regardless of my tomboy attitude, I love looking good and when my face is well done, I feel really good," she said.

Starting with her eyebrows, the artiste explained that when you start with your eyes first, it allows you to decide what kind of look you want for your face.

She said that the rest of the make-up usually complements what happens with the eyes. She also pointed out that she's a self-taught make-up artiste.

She explained that when she first got started in the music business, she used to hire persons to do her make-up, but said after becoming intrigued and fascinated, she would ask about what products suited her best and began experimenting with her face until she mastered the art somewhat.

"Before I was famous, I always tried to get my eyebrows real nice and my eyeshadow right, but looking back at those pictures, I was really awful at it," she said, laughing. "I see the progress in two years' time. Everybody's face is different and I like things a certain way, so nowadays I just do my make-up myself. I didn't spend the time watching YouTube or anything like that, I just watched people. When the make-up artistes came to do my face, I would normally ask them 'What is this for?' or 'What does this do?' and 'What are the best products?' until I just started doing things on my own."




After prepping her eyebrows, getting the arch perfect and lining them top and bottom, then applying shadow to match her new pair of purple kicks, Shenseea proceeded to apply her concealer.

She mixed some LA Pro Concealer (the warm honey shade) with a lighter shade to ensure she arrived at her perfect match.

She then applied the liquid below her eyes, on her forehead and below her chin. She also used some to line the bridge of her nose.

Using her foundation blending sponge to spread the concealer across her face, Shenseea pointed out that the best results are achieved when the sponge is slightly damp, as the concealer spreads easier and the sponge doesn't suck up all the liquid.

She then applied setting powder to her face, using a broad brush. The powder was applied below her eyes just above her cheekbones.

She let the powder set while she went on to contouring. Pointing out that she's not an expert at the latter, Shenseea said she sticks to the basics and never tries to get too creative.

Simple always works, she revealed. She then brushed off the setting powder and proceeded to apply blush to her cheeks.

Then she turned her attention to her eyelashes by adding extension using a bit of hair glue. Then she finished off her look with little bit of lipgloss.

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