Funfest was perfect treat for children

August 03, 2018
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Children enjoying Funfest, which was held at the Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston on Emancipation Day Wednesday.

Parents who brought their children out on Wednesday for a day of fun-filled activities described Funfest as the perfect treat for children and an even better treat for parents on a budget.

"I look forward to coming to each Funfest. Is not everywhere you go you have food, rides, toys, games, music and entertainment in one place," said Junior Levy, parent of three.

"When I come here all I have to be concerned about is having enough money to allow the children to have a good time. Once they are fed and occupied, I have time to relax. I bring my blanket and I just lay under a shade somewhere."

Held on the lawns of Hope Gardens in Kingston, Funfest brought out hundreds of Jamaicans on Emancipation Day as families sought somewhere to unwind and enjoy themselves as they observed the national holiday.

Shantae Beckford, mother of two, says she tries not to miss an installation of Funfest.

"The price to come in is reasonable, so I try to be here every time they keep it. And when you get in everything is reasonable. You can get lunch for yourself and at least one child for $1,000," she said.

"They have everything here and when I come, my kids just want money for rides and food and that's it, they don't bother me again and I get some time for myself."

Parents brought out their children from as early as 10 a.m., and by 2 p.m., the grounds were almost full to capacity. While there were many rides set up across the grounds, it was the Lasco Waterpark that was perhaps the biggest hit on the day, which was not surprising as it was a hot day out.

The summer edition of Funfest saw the usual spate of entertainment with Zion, DJ Kryptic, URIM7, Prodigal Son, and emcees Mr Handsome and Zanan keeping the crowd entertained.

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