Junior History needs help - veteran deejay battling ill health

August 07, 2018
Junior History

Junior History and Cat Paw were arguably the hottest dancehall/sound system deejay duo in Montego Bay during the 1980s and 1990s.

But History has fallen on hard times, a victim of ill-health.

According to the lanky lyricist, who hails from the Canterbury community, over the past three years, he has been battling a rare blood flow disorder, which often leaves his legs badly swollen, while limiting his ability to move around.

"I was to do an operation to fix the problem, but my blood count was low at the time, so they put it off," said History. "Since then, the hospital (Cornwall Regional Hospital) closed down. Right now a pure strong pill dem a give me to stop the pain and it a weaken me down. Me a suffer right now ... me need help to get the operation done."

Because of his illness, the deejay has had to put his career on hold, leaving him without an income, which makes it difficult to pay his medical bills.

He said that he is also losing weight rapidly and is very weak.

Before his illness, History was caring for his two grandchildren, but because of his illness, the children were taken away from him.

But he said he remains confident that, with help, he can return to good health.

"I am making a special appeal to anyone who can help, even the Minister of Culture, Ms Olivia 'Babsy' Grange," said History. "I want to make a special appeal to my old dancehall colleagues, people like Beenie Man, Stitchie, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw ... me just need fi get this operation over and get me life back together."