Kei Kei drops out of Rising Star

August 09, 2018
Daniell 'Kei Kei' Shelton

Unable to shake off mountains of criticisms about her performances, Daniell ‘Kei Kei’ Shelton has decided to make a premature departure from Season 15 of the Digicel Rising Stars Competition. 

This is a first in the show’s 14-year history that a contestant has dropped out.

"I am really grateful and I had a lot of fun. I wish I could have lived up to my full potential, but it’s going to take a while,” said Kei Kei.

The singer, whose performances have been heavily criticised, said she does not have the mental 'toughness' that is required to remain in the competition.

“You have to be mentally ready to perform for an entire country; campaign for votes; and deal with what people say about you whether good or bad,” Shelton stated.

“I realise that I wasn’t  ready after I gave my first performance on the big stage. I didn’t know I had such bad stage fright, and while I hoped it would get better as the show went on, I just couldn’t deliver what was expected of me week after week,” Shelton added.

Kei Kei has apologised to her voters for not continuing with the show.

“I want to do better and give the voters better value for their money. I can’t do that at this point in time, and while I appreciate all the support I’ve received so far, I would feel worse if I went on to let down my voters and my home community,” she said.

The show’s producer, Sharon Schroeter, offered her support to the 19-year-old performer, saying: “While we will miss her, we fully understand and respect her decision.”