Kanabis Sound invades New York

August 10, 2018
Jahny Gwapp from Kanabis Sound.

In a bid to expand on its fan base and showcase the talents of its selectors, sound system Kanabis recently invaded New York. The move has paid dividends, as the sound has been booked for other events in the Tri-state area.

"The invasion was truly epic and a blessing. The fans came out in their numbers to see what we had to offer, and they accepted us as a very talented sound out of Antigua with a Jamaican vibe," said selector Jahny Gwapp.

The first event the sound unleashed its musical terror on was at the weekly event called Dat A Di Ting, which was held in Mount Vernon. The event also featured DJ Kidd & Entourage and Chris Fusion.

The second event, which took place on August 2, saw Kanabis keeping the musical furnace brimming, spinning a selection of hits that kept patrons on a musical high at Unwind Thursdays that took place at the Garage in the Bronx.

In the wake of their New York appearances, the members of Kanabis have been booked for two other events the Connecticut Sound Fest on August 26, and Invasion BBQ in Bronx on September 3.

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