D'Angel says Summer Sizzle was her Sting/Sumfest

August 15, 2018

D'Angel's performance at the recently concluded Summer Sizzle has been making the rounds on social media, as the first Lady of Dancehall was considered to be one of the standout performances on the show.

Clad in a white 'church' gown with Bible in hand, D'Angel excited the crowd with her entrance. She declared that she was going to "cut and clear all crosses from her path", and it seems she did exactly that as she went on to deliver a strong set.

Speaking with THE STAR after the performance, D'Angel said that she had put a lot of thought into how she would deliver her set at the show, as she considered the Summer Sizzle stage to be her Sting/Sumfest.

"This was my Sting and Sumfest inna one. This was a platform to show the world how much I've evolved as an artiste and performer, and I took full advantage of it. Me shell the show. The people loved it, and I'm just happy with the overall execution," she said.

"I usually go hard on all my shows, even if it's one person I'm performing for, and Summer Sizzle is a big staging, so presentation for me was very important. I love what I do, so mi haffi go hard."

When the robe came off, D'Angel went from 'giving thanks' to full-on diva mode as she performed her more secular songs, including, Can't Love You Like Me, her sexy collab with G Whizz, for which she invited a male patron on stage to enjoy her sultry dance moves.

Speaking of the transformation and the inspiration behind the entire performance from start to finish, D'Angel told THE STAR that she started out with gospel because she believes in blessing the stage before going into full-on performance mode.

"I thought the best thing was to start off with my gospel song, Give Thanks, as I believe in presentation and blessing the stage before I enter. The world is very corrupt, so giving some praise to the most high definitely resonated with the audience and they felt it. Entering the stage, I never even thought my gospel song would have gotten the reception it did. I was even shocked myself, but Jamaica is a God-fearing country, so from you say God you can't go wrong," she explained.

"But you know, when is showtime, gown a get tek off and place a go shell dung, and that's exactly what I did. I'm happy how everything went, and the audience loved it."

D'Angel, who performed at a Pride Jamaica event at the start of the month, said that she is booked and busy for the remainder of the summer. She said she will be heading off to Atlanta, Orlando, New York and Boston for a mini US tour in the coming weeks. She also has a few new songs making the rounds on local airwaves and said she believes her career is currently peaking.

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