Denyque basking in 'newness of motherhood'

August 15, 2018
Denyque and husband Careem Mullings.

Entertainer Denyque gave birth to her first child nearly one week ago.

The singer and her husband welcomed their baby boy, Connor Dash Mullings on August 8, after confirming her pregnancy via Instagram only just a few days before.

Denyque, who managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for months despite speculation, is asking her fans to respect her privacy while she basks in the newness of motherhood.

In an update to her social media following, Denyque expressed gratitude to all her fans for the outpouring of love and support she and her family have been receiving since Connor's birth.

She explained that while she wants to share the newest addition to the family with her followers, she wants to enjoy the moment privately just a little while longer.

"So inexplicably grateful for all the love and just genuine wishes you guys have been showing to our family. I'm so in love with my husband all over again and now this little human I get to call my son," she said. "Bear with me with the lack of posting as, overjoyed as I am to share him with you all, I wanna keep him to myself a little bit longer and bask in the immense joy I'm experiencing."

Since his birth, Denyque has only shared one photo of her son. It was uploaded to her Instagram stories.

The child's face was not visible. Her husband has also shared photos of their newborn.

In the post, he has also tagged the newborn's official Instagram page. But Connor Dash's page is private.

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