Razor B takes charge in Cassup's Kitchen - Deejay, trained chef to put personal flavour on J'can dishes

August 20, 2018
Razor B
Razor B


While music may have catapulted him to fame, dancehall artiste Razor B has always expressed his love for the culinary arts. In fact, one may dub cooking as his first love, as the entertainer studied culinary arts while in school outside Jamaica. He has a catering business in Canada and the entertainer has always expressed an interest in starting his own restaurant in Jamaica. It has been approximately three years in the making, but the deejay is ready and he and his wife are set to open their restaurant, Cassup's Kitchen, in about two months.

Starting out, the entertainer says he would be in the kitchen as he has to train the hired chefs on how he does his thing and prep them on all the special twists Cassup's Kitchen would bring to the usual Jamaican offerings. Razor B says the restaurant will specialise in traditional Jamaican meals, including, stew peas, oxtail, jerked pork and chicken, escoveitched fish and more. He points out that as a certified chef he would be adding something special in every meal to separate it from every other restaurant offering the same meals.

In an interview with The STAR, the deejay said the restaurant is in its final stages and should be opened to the public by October 26, which is also the entertainer's birthday. "I've always wanted to own a restaurant here in Jamaica and for the past three years I've been working on making that a reality.




I found the perfect location where uptown and downtown people can come and enjoy some proper food with proper pricing, proper customer service and just all-round entertainment," he said. "I'm so excited. October is also my birth month and I'm hoping to have the launch on my birthday, so it's going to be something really special, I guarantee. It's a casual spot, family friendly and everyone can come out and have a good time."

As an entertainer, Razor B says music would play an integral role in Cassup's Kitchen when it opens. He said that there is a different activity planned every night and says guests should expect the unexpected, as some of his friends from the music industry are bound to pass through at some point. Different selectors are also expected to provide music while patrons dine. And if you decide to spend your birthday at Cussup's Kitchen, as long as you can prove your birthdate, your food would be on the house.

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