Sea B seeks to destroy poverty in new single

August 23, 2018
@Normal:Sea B

Former Uprising Roots member Sea B is currently promoting his latest single, 'Vibe A Gwaan'.

The singer said the song tackles social issues such as poverty, crime and violence.

"When you look at a parish like St Thomas that is so poor, so many of our forefathers fought for a better life, and then they get the opposite of a good life. I can't help but to wonder if they are being punished for the fight they put up. This would be really disappointing," he said.

The Morant Bay Rebellion (October 11, 1865) began with a protest march to the courthouse by hundreds of peasants, led by preacher Paul Bogle, in Morant Bay, Jamaica.

Over the next two days, peasants rose up across the parish of St Thomas-in-the-East, as it was called then, and controlled most of the area,

Sea B said that he is hoping that the song will get the attention of the relevant officials and motivate them to assist residents of the eastern parish.

"It's a captivating song and I hope it will resonate well with the listeners who will not only sing along to it, but pay close attention to the lyrics so we can work towards getting a better Jamaica. I would like to see a strife-free Jamaica," he said.

Sea B, whose given name is Barry Marrah, spent his earlier years in Rollington Town in Kingston, before migrating to Florida in 1974.

After parting ways with Uprising Roots, Sea B took a hiatus from the industry, but returned in 2006 with the single Oh Jah from his debut album Yes ... It's True.

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