Chase Cross hoping to find 'satisfaction' with new track

August 24, 2018
Chase Cross
Chase Cross

Dancehall artiste Chase Cross has released the visuals for his new record 'Satisfied', produced by White Gad Records on the Global Warming rhythm.

The artiste, who has been a member of Mavado's Gullyside Camp for several years, said he is ready to cement his legacy in the music industry after spending years under Mavado's guidance.

"I have performed at some of the biggest events worldwide, yet people still see me as little Chase Cross. But last year, leading into this year, I think people have realised that I have grown as an artiste and so, right now it is about putting out more hits and add to my growing catalogue," he said. "I am a very rounded artiste right now. My melodies are on point and I am able to do more with my voice. Life is about growth and fans will continue to see that growth from me as well as other members of the Gullyside camp, and we have a lot of new music to be released."

Highlighting the chemistry he has found with White Gad Records, the entertainer said he believes Satisfied will make people pay attention to his music once more.

"We already have the visuals out, so that shows that dem (White Gad) not wasting no time and I appreciate that, because we in the business to get the job done the right way," he said. "This label is taking an international approach to dancehall music and I appreciate that because, at this point, Jamaican music should be about competing with the rest of the world."

Satisfied recently received a stamp of approval from Mavado, who posted the song on his Instagram page. That post has gained the song more than 30,000 views.

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