Dancers' Paradise: Upgrade wants to travel the world with dancing

August 24, 2018
Owen Greece, aka Upgrade.
Owen Greece, aka Upgrade.
Owen Greece, aka Upgrade.

Growing up in Mountain View, St Andrew, Owen Reece, who goes by the alias 'Upgrade', says he turned to dancing as a means of being different from others around him.

"I wanted to be the odd one out, but me dancing has definitely made my community better," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

And although he has been dancing all his life, the 23-year-old noted that he has been doing it professionally for years, and now, he teaches dancehall moves to persons from more than 20 countries across the world.

Given the name 'Upgrade' by his close friends in 2010 for his ability to improve things, Reece has decided that this will be the name he uses whenever he performs.

"It was given to me because of my lifestyle - always working to make things better," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.




With a genuine love for dancehall music and the joy that dancing brings, Upgrade, along with his group, Hectic Dymondz, has created dance moves like 'Walk', 'Happy Hour', 'Bop Bop', 'Ziggy', and countless others.

"When I dance, it is an overwhelming feeling. It's always a joy to express myself through dancing and to see the smiles on faces when I start moving my feet," Upgrade told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Through dancing, he hopes to travel the world, and he noted that this dream is close to becoming a reality.

"I have not travelled to any other country as yet, but it's in the making. But the leader of the crew, Rollx Dymond, went on a Europe tour before to represent the group," he said.

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