Patrons dance off their shoes at Footloose

August 27, 2018
Shorn Hector/ Photographer The headline act for the evening, Sizzla delivered a well orchestrated performance.
Shorn Hector/ Photographe Talk about Footloose the audience was in a frenzy as the night progressed.
Shorn Hector This couple enjoying Footloose the retro party.
Shorn Hector/ Photographer This group of friends took a break to take a selfie.
Shorn Hector/ Photographer Patrons kicked off their shoes and had a grand time.
This woman was definitely feeling the beat when she attended Footloose in August.

Patrons dance off their shoes at Footloose

Promoted as a 'show time' event, Footloose had queues outside Mas Camp swelling uncontrollably not long after the gates opened at 10 on Saturday night.

Inside, eager couples rushed to find the perfect spot where they could 'rent a tile' for the night, while others, were just as excited to soak up the retro vibes.

And it didn't take long for DJ Kurt Riley to transform the venue into a Saturday night karaoke session with the crowd singing along to classics such as Footloose and Like A Virgin in perfect harmony.

The women were certainly not afraid to let loose to the selections of Arif Cooper, who was next at the controls. With a hefty serving of 70s, 80s and 90s and early 2000s hits being played, some took off their shoes to free their dancing feet.

And despite Footloose being a dancing event, Rastafarian artiste Sizzla Kalonji, the headline act, integrated his conscious style into the mix to sweeten the occasion.

With a slew of smooth hits, he laid the foundation for a fiery performance. With songs like Rise To The Occasion, Can't Keep A Good Man Down, and Hail The Emperor, he had the crowd singing to every word of his extensive catalogue. While his more up-tempo selections such as Step Up Inna Front Line and Run Out Pon Dem had the crowd roaring in approval.

At the end of his almost one-hour set, he could not leave the stage without giving some advice.

"The show name wah?" He asked the audience, to which they responded; "Footloose!"

"Uno remember uno grandparents used to have chains and shackles pon dem, dem loose yah now suh uno nuh need no more shackles, not only physically but also mentally." He went on: "Jamaica is a Bible island suh certain things weh a gwaan inna di world, wi no need that inna Jamaica. Stop di bleaching and save uno money fi send uno children go school," he advised the crowd.

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