Friends remember '3D' one year later

August 31, 2018
Dexter Pottinger

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the death of fashion designer Dexter '3D' Pottinger.

Pottinger was found dead at his home on August 31, 2017. His death came as a shock to the entertainment industry as the fashion mogul was described by most as a kind spirit who positively affected everyone he interacted with.

Paying tribute to Pottinger's memory yesterday was dancehall diva Tifa. The entertainer, who was one of Pottinger's best friends, expressed that despite a year passing, she has still not been able to come to grips with him being gone.

"Some days, I still get mad or sad, and I still can't come to terms with the fact that you're not here," her post on Instagrm read. "Some days, I still hear your voice in my head telling me what to do, how to dress! I can hear you in my head saying, 'Slay b**ch slayyyyy! You are one of the main reasons why I keep going in the music business even when I don't want to! Me fraid you come haunt me. I miss you man! My friend! My brother! Love you! Wish you were here."

Fashion designer and close friend Kaysian Bourke also remembered Pottinger on social media.

Revealing that she had spent the day before his one-year memorial with his close friends and family members, Bourke said she felt like Pottinger orchestrated the day from the spiritual realm as they did some of his favourite things.

"No words, more tears, a year ... for once I have nothing to say. I love you forever and a day ... today was a good day. A hug for you," she captioned photos of herself holding the urn with Pottinger's ashes.

Pottinger started out in the fashion industry as a model with Saint International and was signed to an agency in London before transitioning into a respected stylist and designer.

He worked with numerous women in the music industry, including Stacious, Tifa and Ce'Cile.

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