STAR of the Month: Govana wants kids to focus on school

September 03, 2018

While most students across the island will be returning to school in their new uniforms, bags and shoes, the September STAR of the Month Govana is encouraging them to stay focused on their academics.

"Just stay focus and believe inna yuh dream. Whatever yuh aspire to be, just make sure your mental capacity up fi it. And though di road might be rough, yuh just haffi keep yuh focus," he said.

Govana pointed out that although some students may find it difficult to remain enthused for the whole term, he is urging them to remember the sacrifices that their parents made.

"Yuh a go up and ready fi di first week and then probably after the second week, yuh a go seh if a nuh Christmas break already. Just stay focused on the dream and know say yuh parents work hard fi reach," Govana explained.

"A nuh whole heap a children privileged enough to have parents and guardians weh a go supply dem wid di back-to-school necessities," he said.

Govana, who attended St George's College, noted that he would always look forward to the first day of school when he could see his friends and talk about his experiences during the summer.

The Champ artiste noted that literature, history, and social studies were his favourite subjects.

"Mi did love dem subject deh because yuh do whole heap a reading and dem thing deh, and dem teach wi some different thing about life," he told THE STAR.

In particular, he said that he was intrigued with history, as he was interested in knowing about the black race.

And while in school, Govana even considered becoming a lawyer.

"Mi did always have a love fi music, if a nuh music, a sports. At one point, mi did a pree and say criminal law, but by mi reach fourth form di whole a dat gone outta my head. A just music mi did want to do," he explained.

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