Chozenn says remix heals people of sex demon - Releases new version of Rygin King song

September 04, 2018


Declaring that hymns are no longer working, gospel artiste Chozenn says he will continue to tap into the dancehall culture in a bid to win more souls for Christ.

After putting a holy spin on Dovey Magnum's sexually explicit Bawl Out, the former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant has twisted Rygin King's Tuff into a testimony for God.

"Big up Rygin King, salute him for his creativity, but we have to use methods like these to catch people's ears, so that the message can be spread," said Chozenn, while noting that the song and its music video will be released shortly.

With his version of Bawl Out, Chozenn said he was able to successfully tackle a sexual demon spirit that is roaming the country, and acted as an antidote for the original version which would get persons aroused.

"Lesbians been converted, homosexuals converted, a lot of people that were struggling with sexual spirits that used to have sex to the song, each time that they hear my song they are now convicted," said Chozenn, who said that these measures are needed to tackle the ills of society.

He said neither the Tuff remix nor Bawl Out Fi Jesus were released for sale.

"We have to take drastic measures like these in the last days. We not going to see David again, we not going to see Moses again, so He (God) is using vessels like us and we have to use innovative ways to win souls," he told THE STAR.

While pointing out that he is carrying out God's mandate in an innovative way, he said he does not care if he does not meet people's expectations of him as a Christian.




"I know who I am in Christ and even my father Christ was beaten. They are beating me with words, my father Christ got the backlash literally. My backlash is with words and it's fine ... it shows that I am doing something good," said Chozenn, who quickly pointed out that he is not short on original content.

Contending that some persons are leaving the church, saying it is boring, Chozenn said he will continue with his agenda to create awareness about the Word of God and make the gospel vibrant and fun.

"When I do one little remix that is what blow up, so that goes to show you where the people's minds at. Sometimes you have to provoke emotions for your message to be heard," he said.

He argues that when he goes into certain volatile communities to minister, he can't sing hymns as they won't connect with the persons.

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