Marvino hopes for 'A New Day'

September 06, 2018

Montego Bay-based singjay Marvino has high hopes that his newest release, 'A New Day', will inspire listeners to always be optimistic and stay positive.

Born Marvin Phillips, the artiste said his main aim is to lead by example for the generation after him.

The track was inspired by the children and educators who commute to school daily, those who tend to the needs of early-morning strollers, and persons who are down and need motivation.

"The youths need something to uplift them and this song has the potential to do that. It has already dominated morning radio shows and I am working hard to keep the momentum going. The song is filled with positivity and reminders why we should be thankful if we are granted a new day. The taxi men, the men who sell fruits and those who clean the roads will appreciate this track," said Marvino.

The single, which was produced by Redhouse Music and Pryce Wayne Music, will make its way to all major digital media outlets in coming weeks through CD Baby.

Already making waves on popular social-media sites, Marvino feels strongly that the single will get its big break once schoolchildren and college students get a copy.

"Those who are going to school, going to work or starting their days early in the morning will have this track on repeat. It gives you an extra boost to take on the day with a smile, all because you were granted the opportunity to live for a next day," he said.

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