Mojo dedicates Be Free to Bobi Wine

September 06, 2018
In this 2013 photo, Bobi Wine (centre), hangs out with Mr G (left) and Oneil Coke of Liv up Records.
Mojo Morgan


Morgan Heritage's Mojo Morgan has dedicated his forthcoming single, 'Be Free', to Ugandan recording artiste-turned-politician Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine, a 36-year-old reggae artiste whose given name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has been charged with treason in his homeland. He alleges that he was tortured by the military after allegations that he influenced supporters to stone President Yoweri Museveni's motorcade.

Bobi Wine, who is a member of parliament, said soldiers pulled and squeezed his testicles and beat him with blunt objects. The singer arrived in the US last Friday and announced via Twitter that he would soon tell his story.

"Safely arrived in the US where I'll be receiving specialised treatment following the brutal torture at the hands of SFC (Special Forces Command) soldiers. We thank the world for standing with us. I will soon tell you what exactly happened to me since 13th August and what is next," Bobi Wine tweeted.




Mojo Morgan, singing in Be Free, says he stands in solidarity with Bobi Wine.

"So let me lead the rebellion, one billion soldiers full of conviction, Determination to rock the nation, Caution to each and every nation, This is an invasion of the next generation," sings Mojo Morgan in the call-to-action anthem.

Be Free also features Mojo's sibling Gramps Morgan and multi-Grammy award-winning Stephen Marley.

"Not many people can relate to our respective families path, and because of that unique bond, for the past decade, Stephen has been a close adviser,confidant and listening ear. Combined with his amazing production skills and the song's inspiration from his father, it made sense to unite on Be Free," said Mojo.

"When I wrote the chorus, I felt it was a powerful message that could only be delivered in Gramps voice. It is a distinct voice that is full of love, soul and heart, able to deliver a message to resonate in the hearts of humanity globally. This song aims to inspire the millennials, who often get a bad rap because they are doing things different from our parents. But in this technological age they are shaping the future. We must empower and guide these leaders of tomorrow."

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