Pulse under fire for billboard ad

September 06, 2018
The controversial Pulse billboard.
Kingsley Cooper, chairman of Pulse Investments Limited.

Pulse model agency has come under fire from persons over its electronic billboard showing teen models on Trafalgar Road in St Andrew.

The billboard promotes the Pulse School Search Tour finals, scheduled to commence in a month's time.

Many expressed their disgust at the advertisement stating that it was distasteful for Pulse to be showing teenage girls in a 'sexual light'.

The girls are wearing swimsuits in the billboard ad.

In a Letter to the Editor on Monday, one woman stated: "It is highly irresponsible on the part of Pulse to have female minors still enrolled in secondary institutions promoted in this manner for public consumption."

It was not received well either by a father who stated that he was in disbelief when he saw it.

He pointed out that the billboard could not come at a worst time because the nation is facing a terrible time where children are being abused and hurt.

"As a father of three girls under the age of 13, it saddens me to think how careless Pulse's promotion practice truly is," he said in another letter yesterday.

When THE STAR contacted Pulse chairman, Kingsley Cooper, he said he was not commenting on the matter.

When THE STAR went to see the advertisement, it was missing from the billboard.

Gender advocate Nadeen Spence said that the advertisement does not reflect anything sexual as it is about a competition.

She said her concern is about the thinking of people who are looking at the ad in a sexualised manner.

"What causes the rape and abuse of children is not sexualisation of the child, it is the adults who are predators. It is advertising and a modelling competition; yes, it is appropriate," she said.

In 2008, Cooper was bashed when 13-year-old Shermonique Ivey won the Pulse Fashion Model Search.

He defended his company then and said that it was not the first time a teen was entering a fashion model competition.

He said that he would not put any child in a sexualised position and said they (any child) would have to finish school before they can begin their modelling career.

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