STAR of the Month: Govana finds success with humorous songs

September 06, 2018

When Govana entered the dancehall scene with the moniker Deablo, he was known for his fast-paced lyrical delivery. However, a change to a smoother and more melodic style has seen his career soared to higher altitude.

With songs such as Gyal Clown, Breeze, Bake Bean, One and Move and Champ, Govana has managed to remain one of the leading acts in dancehall space since the latter part of 2017.

And while he has been a part of Aidonia's JOP/ 4th Generations since 2006, while he was attending St George's College, and even got a No. 1 with Run Road, which he recorded with Aidonia, Govana feels his big break came after Gyal Clown was released last November.

Doing songs about things persons experience in their everyday life, Govana believes that more people are latching on to his sound.

"Deablo and Govana is the same person, but I guess I start do more relatable music, music with more melody. Mi start slow it down, and di style weh tek off fi mi a di style weh mi a talk, a nuh nutten special inna it, but I guess a di charisma and di topics dem," he told THE STAR.

"We just use some things weh everybody can ketch on to and we use some things weh people haven't been using over the years, like batta ears and gyal clown," he explained.

Adding a comedic flavour to some of his songs, Govana believes that he has found the recipe for even more success.

"Humour is a hell of a thing, anybody inna 4th Generations can tell yuh say mi a di gimmicks man, mi run all a the joke dem. People love to laugh, people love to be happy, suh wi do songs weh relatable and songs weh yuh can laugh after; suh even the video dem, wi try put some fun inna di video dem," he said.

Govana told THE STAR that he has decided to give 'bad man' songs a break, especially with the crime problem in Jamaica.

"Everybody know the type a music weh me do, dark and 'evilous', grimmy. But right now, especially wid the state of emergency, 'bad man' song nah pop now," he said.

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