Flashmo wants no one to 'Pree I'

September 07, 2018


'Pree I' is the latest single from dancehall artiste Flashmo. Uneon Movement Records produced the song, and it tackles the issue of persons being nosey.

"I was inspired after experiencing the behaviour of persons towards me, especially after realising how common the practice is," Flashmo explained.

For the New York-based Uneon Movement Records, the song, which is gaining momentum, looks set to become a hit for the label.

Flashmo, whose given name is Roel Harris, is originally from Spanish Town. He attended St Jago High School before relocating to New York in the early 2000s.

"I started out as a songwriter and later I moved into engineering. I am heavily involved in music production, and I have worked with quite a few artistes," Flashmo said.

For Flashmo, his interest in music began during his days in high school. However, he decided to pursue it professionally when he entered into adulthood. He got involved in studio engineering at Record Factory on Hagley Park Road in Kingston.

In 2013, Flashmo produced the Sweet Child rhythm compilation, which featured acts like Frankie Paul and Courtney Melody. Siblings and Careless Whispers are among the songs he has released.

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