Marlon a look attention - Foota Hype fires back at WI cricketer

September 07, 2018
Foota Hype
Marlon Samuels

Selector Foota Hype says cricketer Marlon Samuels is only trying to get attention by mentioning his name on social media.

This after Samuels ignited a feud between the two on Wednesday night.

Launching a scathing attack on Foota's personality, career and personal life in an Instagram Live post, Samuels said he has been avoiding a number of insults that the selector had aimed at him.

Samuels claimed that the selector has been ‘hopping mad’ ever since he played the love interest in the raunchy music video for Instaboy, a song done by Foota’s former fiancee Ishawna.

Samuels said: "From the Instaboy video, him still a guh crazy fi Ishawna, enuh. From the Instaboy video drop, some people a send mi some things weh him a say 'dis, dat dat, mi no know him, mi only hear say him a cricketer'.”

However, in dismissing the West Indies batsman’s claim, Foota told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was in no way concerned about what the cricketer does.
“I coulda care less bout him and music video, I don’t business wid him and music video. Is just that him is an attention seeker and him is a man weh have attention disorder, suh mi no really business wid him,” he said.

Instead, he said Samuels is upset because he had praised Chris Gayle, Samuels' West Indian teammate, for purchasing a luxury vehicle.

“The problem weh him have a because mi did talk bout Chris Gayle Bentley and mi did say Chris Gayle a lead di wul game wid dah car deh and him just vex from that; mi can’t help him with that,” he said. 

During his Instagram Live post, Samuels pointed out that he was only responding to Foota after the selector had made three attempts to get his attention.

"After the Instaboy bun him, him come back a try create drama with mi and a next cricketer and dat nuh work again," he said.

Samuels claimed that Foota tried to create tension between him and another unnamed player and then targeted a singer whom he had done a song with.

Since then, Samuels, who has added dancehall artiste to his resume, has released a diss track SpoonHead, in which he takes lyrical shots at Foota.


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