Nathi Prince delivering conscious lyrics

September 07, 2018
Nathi Prince

Reggae artiste Nathi Prince is carving out a niche for himself in reggae with his clear vocals and conscious lyrics.

"I am not trying to preach religion in my songs, even though I lean heavily towards Christian principles. My message is for everybody. [It is about] upliftment, community, black enlightenment, and progress for poor people," he said.

Nathi Prince grew up in the Spanish Town area, where he attended JosÈ Marti High and then St Jago High.

"My father had a reggae band that played in his yard and played at several nine-nights. I would hold the shaker, I would love the drum," the artiste, whose given name is Trevor Boyd, said.

He joined the Faith Singers in the late 1990s after graduation.

He attended the University of Technology, where he started to read for a bachelor's degree in a pharmacy programme.

But he migrated to the US in the early 2000s, and for a period, he wrote songs for several artistes.

Then one day, he got an epiphany and decided to pursue a solo career.

"I am an Afrocentric person - into black consciousness. So, I went to find the origin for my name. I went through an African dictionary and found 'Nathi', which means 'God with us', and because The Bible says we are all princes and kings, I added the 'Prince'," he said.

He said his name keeps him grounded.

"Mi just keep focused on the Most High. Knowing that He is with me, it eradicates fear. I know I am not alone when I hit the stage because I am coming with a message cause God is with me," he said.

Nathi Prince previously released a single called Protection that got favourable airplay. He has unreleased songs such as Better Days and The Most High, which will be on a seven-song EP that will be distributed online in early 2019.

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