Klassy say di ting 'buff' - Dancehall artiste latest to remix Rygin King hit

September 10, 2018

Dancehall artiste Klassy is generating a big buzz in dancehall with the risque 'Buff', the remix to Rygin King's 'Tuff'.

The song is said to be buzzing in the Jamaican communities in London and Brixton in the United Kingdom.

Klassy said the reaction to the song has been huge in Jamaica and described the feedback in the streets as "lovely".

Klassy, who is St Catherine-born and raised, discovered singing in school and first performed during a school tour at Bog Walk High.

In 2016 she got a buzz when she did the remix for Dexta Daps' hit song Chinese Jordan.

"There was a huge fuss over the song and that somehow threw me off and broke my vibes completely. I then stopped music for a year and a couple months," she said.

But she regained her interest in music when she heard Tuff.

"The moment I hear the riddim of the song mi body just get busy, so mi write it and recorded it at the studio. After uploading it on my Facebook page, I got a lovely reaction from the people and so I'm back in the studio now working on some new material," Klassy said.

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