YGF Records has high hopes for song with Vershon

September 21, 2018

YGF Records has produced yet another potentially colossal hit in the form of a new single, 'Send Me An Angel', by dancehall artiste Vershon. Released in August, the beat for the track was created by producer Ridwaan Razak, who YGF producer Tevin Richards praised as one of the best he has worked with over the past two years. He also credits their engineer, Red Boom, for his contribution.

In the track, Vershon asks the Lord to watch over him and protect him from all things that would do him harm.

This is not the first time the artiste has collaborated with YGF as they have worked on a slew of songs together, including Neva Happy Fi Mi, Too Old To Die Young, featuring Zamunda, and Street Bun Off.

The accompanying video for Send Me An Angel is expected to be premiered today on the artiste's Vevo channel on youtube.

"We really just wanted to create something that would stand out and reflect what the song is talking about," said Vershon.

YGF has wasted no time in preparing new releases as they plan to release an EP in October. This follows two previously released EPs, Growth and Gifted, which were released earlier this year. Those efforts featured a slew of local acts such as Shenseea, Deep Jahi and Devin Di Dakta. New singles include Best Life, which, as the title suggests, is about living your best life.

A collaboration with 9TYZ, titled Elevation, will be released soon as well. This is expected to be a breakthrough hit for the young female artiste, a statement that she is here to take the music world by storm.

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