Blacksan more into image than music - LA Lewis collaboration among artiste's song

September 24, 2018
Blacksan's hair waving in the wind.
Blacksan shows some of his tattoos.

Believing that his image is just as important as how he sounds, rainbow-haired artiste Blacksan takes extreme pride in his appearance, spending large sums of cash on bleaching cream, tattoos and to get his hair done - although he has never worked a day in his life in the formal job sector.  It not only takes cash but also time, as Blacksan says for his multicoloured hair "tek one day fi put in, from 5 o clock inna di morning guh straight to 9 o clock inna di night.”

The man who has been given the name Jamaican 6ix9ine said as an artiste, one’s appearance should grab fans. Blacksan told THE STAR at this point even the countless tattoos he has on his body are worth more than his music career. 
“Whole heap a money spend pon di image because mi even pree mi image 100 per cent more than even mi music, cause mi image tek mi time and paste it. Mi spend money hard pon tattoo, cause my cheapest tattoo weh mi pon mi a roughly $15,000 and that a di littlest one,” he told THE STAR.

However, Blacksan confesses that he has received some criticism for the way he looks. “Inna everything, yu have the good and the bad. Yu have whole heap a people a say di thing ‘up’ and then yu have the people dem weh ago talk a bag a things and yu have some people weh no like it cause the style different,” he said, saying that those who have negative comments are just haters.

And because of his image and the lavish lifestyle that he claims to live, Blacksan told THE STAR that he has to travel around with as much as three security guards.
“Nuff a dem si di colours and feel a skittles (soft), suh sickky affi deh deh fi protect the investment (which is me),” Blacksan said.

“At the end a di day people see valuables and people want valuables and then fi see a man wid colour colour hair, in a bare gold, man ago want tek it - worse if it look easy,” he added.

In an article carried in THE WEEKEND STAR last Friday, Blacksan claimed to have played a major role in creating the btrap dancehall sound which deejay Rygin King is enjoying some success with. Some of his songs posted on YouTube include Weed Smoke, Kill People and being featured on the LA Lewis song Lil Stupid.

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