Sizzle, reggae duo inspire youth to 'fight'

October 10, 2018
Sizzla (centre) with Anthony Seasoning (left) and Smokie Benz.


Duo Smokie Benz and Anthony Seasoning have teamed up with dancehall superstar Sizzla to deliver an intense inspirational track called 'Fight' that has been heating up the airwaves over the last couple of weeks.

"This is a song to let the youths know that anything is possible; if you can conceive it, you can achieve it, fight for your dreams," Smokie Benz said.

Smokie Benz is the brainchild of the project. He wanted to write a song that could inspire the hearts and minds of the youth to rise above poverty, oppression and discrimination to fulfil their dreams.

"I wrote the song and take it to the boss. Sizzla loved the concept, and he just vibed the riddim same time and wrote his own verse, and we voiced it up at Judgement Yard. Since the song release and touch the radio, the response has been intense, just phenomenal," Smokie Benz said.

He will be shooting a video for the single later this month. Well-known video director Asha will be shooting the video in locales such as August Town and Tower Hill in the Corporate Area.

Smokie Benz is no stranger to success, as he scored a hit with Try Jah Love, alongside reggae artiste Josie Mel, a song which was also nominated for an Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award in 2009.

He also scored big with Fulfilment Time, a song featuring Tony Tuff and which has racked up more than two million views online. He has since teamed up with singer Anthony Seasoning.

"Me and Smokie Benz have a great chemistry. We ah the new sensation because of how we sound on the record, we nah come with no normal thing. Jah mek the thing ah work, ah just the powers of the Most High, and this song, Fight, ah go carry our careers to the next level," Anthony Seasoning said.

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