Careem Mullings speaks about being Denyque’s other half

November 02, 2018
File Singer Denyque kisses her husband and MAPS promoter, Careem Mullings.

SEE VIDEO: Proud husband! Careem Mullings's Denyque’s other half

Careem Mullings speaks about being Denyque's other half in this brand new STAR feature.

Careem, the promoter of popular events like Mojito Mondays and Maps, met the Supergirl singer while in college, through a mutual friend, and the two instantly hit it off.


"We [were] two young people just dating and [saying] we are going to enjoy it. There were no intentions to go all the way."

"After that, I realised this woman is different from every single one I was used to. It escalated to where it is now. She came with such a difference."

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