Gospel Spotlight: Praying for a breakthrough - Sister Ver competes with younger gospel artistes

November 02, 2018
Verona 'Sister Ver' Thomas

"Singing is a gift from God, and the message of the songs is the ministry," says 57-year-old gospel singer and founder of By Faith Peace Ministry, Verona Thomas.

"I think music is in my bones as each generation of my family has had choir singers, but none of them ever took it on as a profession. So I am trying to be the first one that does so," she said.

The St Catherine-born gospel singer goes by the stage name Sister Ver.

"I always wanted to do it and began writing lyrics, which I submitted to a few persons in the industry, but took a pause when I never heard from them," Sister Ver told The WEEKEND STAR.

Her first single, Pray For Your Children, was released in 2009. The song was inspired by a woman's story about her uncontrollable daughter.

"I overheard a woman talking about a personal experience. She was so distraught because she did not know how to control her defiant teenage daughter and shared that she attempted to kill her child," she said. "After I had the chance to speak to her about loving her and praying for her, I was inspired."

Recognising her ability to delivering motivational messages years later, she went on to establish her ministry, which has expanded to host an unconventional prayer meeting by way of WhatsApp messaging. The gospel singer leads prayer at 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. every day.

"It is about helping others to achieve what they want to achieve through prayer. People come together from all over. [They come from] different churches to pray and discuss issues," she shared.

Sister Ver said the message of her ministry deserves to be heard. She is also convinced that she can hold her own in the gospel entertainment business despite her age.

"I believe my music can compete against the younger gospel artistes. People still think when an individual is of a certain age they are washed up, but if one believes in their work, they will get to where they want to go, no matter age or size.

"I would like my upcoming releases to reach people all over the world. It is gospel music pertaining to the ministry of God, and it speaks volumes," she said.

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