Jack Scorpio to be honoured for contribution to dancehall

November 02, 2018
Jack Scorpio

Iconic producer and sound system operator Jack Scorpio will be honoured by House of Dancehall at their home on Cargill Avenue in St Andrew this weekend.

The company, which has been positioning itself as the hub for dancehall and reggae content in corporate Jamaica, will be executing a packed calendar of events this weekend. And according to the CEO, Michael Dawson, Jack Scorpio's credit is way overdue.

"We will not be featuring multiple events on one day. Instead, we will spread them out over this weekend because we want to direct focus on each event. Jack Scorpio is one of those pillars in the music industry who has contributed years of his life to develop what we now enjoy today. It would be unforgivable not to celebrate his work and reward his contributions while he is still with us," Dawson said.

According to Dawson, veterans are not seeking financial gain from the new generation; all they seek is their due respect.

"Just don't come and add to the culture and disregard who made it into a culture. The new generation tends to forget where it started, and perhaps that is why a lot of our accomplishments in the music industry globally have not been documented properly," he said. "I see Spanish people say reggaeton music is indigenous to them when it's just dancehall with Spanish language. So let that sink in. We need to know our roots and celebrate the originators."

Jack Scorpio is celebrating his 50th year in the music industry, and to commemorate this milestone, the veteran has been hosting several parties overseas and will have the grand celebration on Saturday at the House of Dancehall.

Awards will also be given to other dancehall stalwarts who have positively influenced the development of the genre over the years.

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