The other half: Proud husband - Careem Mullings shares what it's like being Denyque's spouse

November 02, 2018
Careem Mullings, Denyque's other half.
Careem Mullings, Denyque's other half, bonds with their nearly three-month-old son, Connor.

Between the social-media posts and publicly showing their love for each other and their almost-three-month-old son Connor in public, Denyque and Careem Mullings are delightfully affectionate. But they are aware that a happy marriage and a happy home do not come easy. So says Denyque's other half.

"Den has her flaws, I have mine, so there was a lot of adjustment that had to be made for our relationship to work," Careem told The WEEKEND STAR. "I can safely say that my wife is a proud woman, and I am a proud man who can be egotistical at times."

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Careem, the promoter of popular events like Mojito Mondays and Maps, met the Supergirl singer while in college, through a mutual friend, and the two instantly hit it off.

"We [were] two young people just dating and [saying] we are going to enjoy it. There were no intentions to go all the way."

He continued: "After that, I realised this woman is different from every single one I was used to. It escalated to where it is now. She came with such a difference."

Denyque and Careem got engaged in 2016 and got married on New Years Day last year.

"There is no difference between being married and before we got married as we were living together for about three years prior. The ring is probably the only difference," he said.

Careem's engagement and marriage to the singer opened the window for persons to criticise their relationship even more.

From the single Make Me Believe You, which was released in 2015, rumours surfaced that it was written because Denyque had caught him cheating. However, he insisted that never happened.

"One song I can definitely say was inspired by our relationship is Proud Wifey."




When The WEEKEND STAR asked Careem if he has ever been intimidated by Denyque's career as a female in the music industry, he said, "My confident personality would not have allowed it. I was never insecure or worried about males within the industry looking her, although I would clash with her team. They would want us to go places I was not comfortable with, and I would say I am not, or you are not going, but I was always willing to make changes to facilitate."

And the attitude is reciprocated. "She never puts me in a situation I am uncomfortable with. Her phone does not ring after hours (although mine does), and she does not invite any and everybody into our home."

Careem says Denyque's strength is another one of the qualities he found attractive.

"She nuh frighten over nuhbody, nuh matter how much money them have. She always chose the straight and narrow, and that is why it is much harder for her to make it legitimately and ethically."

The proud husband says that the only thing missing from her career is the financial pump and that if he had millions, his next investment would be his wife.

"It's OK that her music career is not where she wants it to be. She has the talent, the skills and the network, but it just needs that monetary push. Nonetheless, she is so talented that even if it doesn't work out, she will always have something to fall back on."

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