UK producer gets boost from Spice mixtape

November 02, 2018
Dancehall artiste Spice
Epik Jones

UK-based record producer Epik Jones is celebrating the success of Spice's mixtape, Captured.

Jones produced Cool It, one of the songs on the compilation, and he is now reporting that he has been receiving much attention from simply being part of it.

The mixtape, which climbed international charts and sparked a global discussion due to the controversial single Black Hypocrisy, caught the attention of numerous media outlets across the US and UK, including TMZ, Shaderoom and the Daily Mail.

According to Jones, the success of the mixtape and his role in the production add to his resume .

"I was expecting it to blow up in about two weeks, but within a day, it went viral, with persons putting it all over their social-media pages," he said. "As a producer, you have to be happy for the entire project and not just the song you produced because the success of the project oftentimes can lead to the success of different songs."

The producer, who is also a DJ believes that he has an ear for hit songs. This is his second time tasting success with a dancehall artiste as he worked on Konshens and Xyclone's collaborative effort, Mek It Clap, which rose to number one on iTunes more than a year ago.

"My two biggest hits are in two different leagues, so that shows that I have a balanced musical view-point. I don't think of my previous success when I am working on projects because my main goal is

to create quality music," Jones said. "It's all about the future because I try not to live in the past.

It's about progression and growth, and Spice is a lot like that, too, so we make a good working chemistry."

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