VIP section intimidates some artistes

November 02, 2018
Tony Rebel
Foota Hype

The VIP area is usually presented as the all-inclusive, elite section at any local stage show.

However, popular selector Foota Hype says the VIP section can negatively impact an artiste's performance.

"If it's the front part where the artiste is supposed to interact with the crowd and the VIP people are mostly the 'bougie' people, the ones weh normally sit in a chair and watch the show, you have to separate that and keep the high energy people to the front so the artiste can feel that energy," Foota Hype told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He said promoters should consider better venue plans.

"Usually, VIP is to the two sides of the stage, or you can use sky-Boxes or stuff like that, so it don't impede with the regular patrons who want to jump, light torches and get crazy," he said. "You can't bypass the energy of the show and the performance of the show just for VIP sales or the comfort for VIP alone Cause they don't make up the majority of the show."

Rebel Salute principal and artiste Tony Rebel said he has often heard concerns about the VIP section but said artistes also play a role.

"When you are a good batsman, you bat anytime, anywhere and score. A good artiste will see people sitting and force the people to get up," he said. "When there are people sitting, that means they are listening to you. It's not always about jumping up. Sometimes when the people leave they will talk about your performance and say, 'You know, that person was really good'."

Rebel said he has considered relocating the VIP section at Rebel Salute for artistes' sake, but said he must strike a balance.

"We have to cater to our patrons. Some people feel sick and they prefer to sit. If you walk in [the] general [section], you'll see people sitting too, it's not just in VIP," he said. "When Sunsplash used to keep, Dennis Brown used to perform in the morning where people not even sitting in seats, dem a sit down on the grass. But when him come on and say, 'Love and hate...' everybody get up. It's up to you as the artiste to make sure you are versatile and you bring the melodies and lyrical potency to deliver a good performance."