Nathi Prince is wary of China's growing influence

November 03, 2018
Nathi Prince

Reggae artiste Nathi Prince believes that the African continent needs to beware the growing influence of China in its economic affairs.

"There is some subtle and informal colonisation of the economy of some African nation states taking place. China wants access to natural resources, access to African markets and they want influence and power in the region," Nathi Prince said.

"I am an Afrocentric person, into black consciousness, and I see the dangers. China takes African primary goods and sells them back manufactured ones. This is exactly how colonialism works, and Jamaica has to be careful as well, they are pretending to be benevolent, but it is poisoned chalice," he warned. 

Nathi Prince's concern for the African continent is not surprising, as he recently released a single called Protection that, he says, is getting favourable airplay on there. 

"The song is doing really well. I am getting a lot of dub requests from Africa, especially South Africa and Gambia. The song is getting play in countries such as Antigua, Canada, Bermuda and the UK," he said. 

Meanwhile, Nathi Prince has unreleased songs such as Better Days and The Most High, plus the previously released Resolution, which will be on a seven-song Protection EP that will be distributed online in early 2019.


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