African comedian for Johnny Live Comedy series

November 08, 2018
Comedian Alfred Kainga

The Johnny Live Comedy Bar will be staging its second Comedy Bar Special Showcase at 100 Hope Road in Kingston on November 13, and also at 100 in Montego Bay on November 15.

"Every week we present a talented bunch of Jamaican comedians to entertain at our Comedy Bar, but every so often we integrate an overseas act in the mix and dub it the Johnny Live Comedy Bar Special. We had our first Comedy Bar special in June featuring American comedian Shuler King and that was very successful, so we decided to inject another special showcase this month," said Chris 'Johnny' Daley, Comedy Bar creator.

This time around the series will see noted Africa-born comedian Alfred Kainga taking the stage in Jamaica for the very first time.

Originally from Zimbabwe but currently residing in the US, Kainga was a finalist in the Shaq All Star Comedy Competition in 2014, and also a finalist in the Funniest Comic in Texas Competition the same year.

He has also been a part of Kevin Hart's successful Hart of the City Tour series for Comedy Central Television, where he received national acclaim in the United States.

Kainga, who has been based in Texas for more than 16 years, feels very connected to Jamaica.

"I'm excited to come and share in the love that Zimbabwe and Jamaica connect with through culture and music, and just the people. Some of my best experiences growing up included being exposed to Jamaican music and culture," Kainga said.

The comedy special will also feature popular Jamaican comedians Fancy Cat, Curley, Leighton Smith, Dufton Shepherd, alongside popular television host and actress Dahlia Harris.

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