Fans love hard-core Spice - Deejay says she won't abandon dancehall roots

November 09, 2018
Spice gets down to business with Rohan Perry during the launch of her mixtape.
Spice performs during the launch of her mixtape.

Despite introducing her mixtape, 'Captured', with the socially conscious track 'Black Hypocrisy', Spice made it clear that she will always remain true to her dancehall roots.

Pointing out that her raunchy songs are what her fans are used to, Spice indicated that aside from Black Hypocrisy, all the other songs on her mixtape will see her revert to her hard-core, 'bruk out' ways.

In an question and answer segment during the launch of her Captured mixtape at 100 on Hope Road, St Andrew, on Wednesday night, Spice acknowledged that while there may be concerns about a disconnection between the Black Hypocrisy track and the other songs on the album, the difference in messages isn't a big deal because her fans already know what type of songs to expect from her.

"My fans know me for being me, Spice. They already know all the slack songs (on the mixtape) Genie, Cool It and so I don't think there will be any disconnect," she said.




"Every album has a title song, a track that pushes it, and I think that's the song. People are going to take the time out to know the rest of the song because that's what people know Spice for."

When asked if Black Hypocrisy was a part of any rebranding, perhaps leaning more towards her calmer, more subtle side (Grace Hamilton), Spice indicated that every artiste has to step away from the 'ray ray' every now to address some serious issue. She then explained that the latter should not be taken as an indication that the artiste will now be altering the stage personalities they've spent years establishing.

"I wouldn't say I'm rebranding because I'm not going to stand here and tell you that I'm going to stay here and start singing reggae songs because me nah stop sing me slack songs dem to be honest. That's what my fans love me for. It's good that as an artiste I'm able to attack different areas," she said.

"People always a say Spice only sing this type of song or that type of song, but the truth is that's what the fans love me for and that's what keeps my fan base growing. But there will come a time again where I will see something I need to address, and I'm going to address it."

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