Mr Bertus and I-Wayne want more love for track

November 15, 2018
I-Wayne (left) and Mr Bertus.

Reggae artistes Mr Bertus and I-Wayne are looking to spread some positive vibes with their latest single, They Have No Love.

The track speaks about the impact of crime and violence and urges fellow Jamaicans, particularly the youth, to stay away from bad influences.

Despite steady radio play, both artistes believe Jamaica and the world need more songs with positive messages; hence they want more attention surrounding the song.

"The song is a song from the heart. Is an idea weh just come to me and we just work pan it because we see wah a gwaan inna di nation. At the time I spoke to I-Wayne about the song, he was writing like four other songs and him love the idea so much that him put those down and start work pan da one yah," said Mr Bertus. "Is a song weh me believe say can go places and it a get some attention but it have a message weh need to get out more. It's been out from about July and the song is very powerful; it just need more ears."

I-Wayne also expressed a desire for the track to reach more people.

"When me hear the idea and we find the right riddim and melody and we start hear the words dem, we know the song have what it takes to make an impact," noting that fellow artistes like Iba Mahr and Agent Sasco endorse it. "So the song is not just a song," he said. "It's a masterpiece that will encourage people to stay away from evil. We a burn out the madness and the sadness and a promote oneness. That is a message everyone need to hear."


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