Going hardcore is a must - Gage

November 16, 2018

Dancehall artiste Gage wants people to stop "putting him in a box".

The entertainer said he is a versatile recording artiste who may decide at any point to switch up the direction of his music to produce songs about different topics.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, he revealed that since he decided to quit skin bleaching, some persons are expecting his music to reflect his current image.

He said some listeners are expecting to hear him spew positivity in his lyrics all the time and he explained that's just not him.

He spelled out that while he has churned out tracks with a positive vibe, as a dancehall artiste, he has to engage his hardcore fans with raw lyrics every now and again.

The entertainer is currently promoting a new track called Good Pu**y Gal Fi Get Things, and said some listeners are disappointed that he has decided to take on raunchy songs again.

"As for people saying they thought I was Rasta, I just want to know if Selassie never did have a empress to," he questioned. "Me affi sing bout the ladies, and dis a di way me choose to do it right now. Me nuh need nuh inspiration fi talk truth and any man have nothing bad fi say bout the song a waste man, cuz a every girl song this."

On the track, Gage is advocating that when women are pleasing their significant other intimately, it is only right that they be rewarded with material things.

He said that while the songs he's pushing right now may be focused on the women, the direction his music will take in the next few months is unpredictable as he has to keep reinventing himself.

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