Music professionals learn how to earn from their brands

November 17, 2018

The Release Production and the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) recently hosted the ‘IP & the Creative Industry Seminar’ geared at educating several music industry professionals about making money from their brands.

The invitation only seminar featured speakers from JIPO, The Jamaica Association of Composers Authors and Publishers (JACAP) and the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (Jamcopy) all who gave stellar presentations.

Several artistes, producers and publicists were in attendance and were educated by JIPO on the importance of their intellectual property and how to capitalise on them.

Jamcopy spoke to copyright for several creatives and JACAP spoke to royalties and responded to several concerns by those in attendance.

Sophia Clarke, copyright manager from JIPO said, “The delegates made the most of the opportunity to give presenters a thorough interrogation which made for engaging and worthwhile discourse. I am excited to see the impact these young artistes will make in the music industry”.

Organiser of the seminar, Talisa Taylor, executive producer of The Release Production added, “This seminar was needed so I look forward to hosting several others. The idea is to educate industry professionals on several avenues to fully capitalise on their craft.” 

Taylor also urged veterans who have a clear knowledge of the music industry to assist in mentoring young professionals who strive to build their brands.  

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