Kyng looks to reign out west

November 20, 2018

Up-and-coming recording artiste Kyng has been steadily making a name for himself on the local music scene.

The 29-year-old entertainer, whose given name is Okeino Fenton, made his debut in 2006 and has been enjoying relative success, most notably with his 2016 motivational hit single Fly Again.

"It has been challenging and a whole heap a work," Kyng told the WESTERN STAR about his journey in music thus far.

"You have to say a Kingston a the motherland for music, and if you want 'buss', you have to go there. You affi go a town no matter how you take it. A deh so it deh. We a try build the thing down here, but we have to go deh so fi try link up with the big heads so we can take off," he added.

"Kingston play a major part in artistes' career here in the west. A lot of people here and overseas know Kyng because of that because right now, the thing look good in Miami, Atlanta, and Canada.

Kyng says he is working non-stop to get his name out there and to ensure that he is constantly in the minds of people.

"You can never give up, and you have to be serious, if you want to make your name. If you nuh serious, then no bother with it. You have a lot of competition, so if you want stay relevant, or be number one, you have to keep working non-stop," he advised.

These days, Kyng is mostly found at his studio, which is located on Seaview Drive in Hopewell, Hanover.

"I just want Jamaica to look out for Kyng in 2019. Dem a guh see my face non-stop because we a put in the work," he said.

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